Who We Are

Tanami Media is a Marketing services company located in the heart of Kuwait City. We are experienced in hospitality and hotel branding, consumers good and FMCG, real estate and property, retail and shopping mall and banking and financial services and healthcare giving you a complete marketing solutions services. We provide marketing solutions to B2C and B2B businesses. A team of talented and passionate marketers came together to bring you the best marketing, branding, PR and many more service programs which are designed according to market needs and client based requirements. Whether its a product or service if it has an audience it is marketable. We understand what it takes your audience to engage and read your message. Our mission is to create or improve your response rate without losing track of costs, timing and maximise your return on investment (ROI). Our solu- tion programs are customized to your requirements & specifications (Budget, time, standers, vision etc) you give us the brief and the rest is history.


Tanami understands what "MARKETING" is all about, wither it is a product or service it doesn't matter as long as it is exists it has an audience. To build a very strong marketing presence to your brand, product or service you have to identify what is your marketing strategy, target-market, segment and your position in the market. The steps you need to consider in creating a successful marketing strategy which will serve your purpose and create a marketing ambience to your end users.


Tanami build your EVENTS from the scratch from the idea to the execution. Your events have to relate to your business, product or services it has to have a concept according to the purpose of the idea in hand which you are trying to create, so we give you planning & execution services of that idea based on the size of the event and we will customize our services according to your budget.


Tanami understands the concept of "BRANDING" What is it? Who is it for? And How to ensure all your marketing activities revolve around one common concept. What is the message? What are you saying in all your message channels? Who are you? Why you matter? This is what Tanami branding is all about.


PR strategy in Tanami media meets the expectation of its abroad clients by delivering their message to new prospected clients. Also, we manage and arrange round table meetings to discuss our clients’ services with targeted audience and proceed to continue the business deals.

What We Do

We provide varied Services and solutions such as Marketing Solutions, Event Management, Branding solutions, Environmental design, public relations, advertising and socail strategizing and digital marketings.
We are not limited to only these services as we can customize services and solutions specifically tailored to suit your needs.



Marketing Strategies.
Boosting your sales & giving you a competitive

Corporate Marketing.
We build your corporate image & identity. Direct Marketing.
Ensuring your message reaches directly to your consumers.

Marketing Communications.
We let you communicate with your market.

Content Marketing.
Make your content more appealing to generate more interest and change customer behavior towards your business.

Product Marketing.
Create your product developing positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation.

Competitor Analysis.
Exploding & exploring to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors within your market and give you competitive edge.

CSR Campaigns.
Ideas for social causes that speak to your customers based on your business or in general.

New Business Ideas.
Creating innovative new ways, scenarios, ideas and techniques for business operation with customers.

Marketing Events.
Organizing and building from the ground up marketing related events (new openings, launching new collections, food tasting, gala dinners and etc… )


How We Brand?

1- Brand Identification & Naming.
2- Brand Awareness.
3- Brand Research.
4- Brand Assessment, Positioning and value positioning.
5- Brand product Strategy.
6- Environmental Design (Events, Trade, Shows, Retail)
7- Brand Management & Strategy.
8- Brand Alignment.
9- Email Branding.
10- Cooperate Branding & Identity.
11- Logo Design.
12- Website Design & Development.
13-Interactive Multimedia.
14- Social media design.
15- Stationery Design.
16- Gift Items design.
17- Point of sale Design.
18- Packaging.

Public Relations

  • Creating Trends (Social Media Effect)
  • Corporate communications
    Manage and create all your written, spoken and electronic interactions with your audiences according to your customization.
  • Media Connections & Monitoring
  • Corporate Communications
    Making sure your clients understand the value of your business in the society. Engage with the public in social and human causes that aim in helping the world be a better place. We do custom campaigns based on your line of business or any cause you want to tackle.
  • Crisis Management & Communications
    We help you develop a systematic method to manage the wheels of a crisis event and avoid its escalation. In addition to help you develop plans to avoid unanticipated events and make sure you make the best of the worst scenarios
  • Creating Conversation topics with audience.
  • Connecting with PR influencers
  • Brands Relevance
  • PR Targeting
    We speak and create product base topics to your target audience to make them engage and interact with your business

Event Management

  • Product Launching
  • Incentives
  • Marketing Related Events
  • Corporate Entertainment (Gabqa Shows, OPen days & business branches)
  • Conference, Expos, Meetings.
  • Gala Dinners
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Fashion Shows

Online Marketing

We develop a customized social media strategy and policy for each client based on the target audience. This will use different online channels such as: whats app messages, Instagram Management, SMS Bulk bloggers ads and posts. Once the overall strategy and policy is in place, we will develop a social media action plan, including Key channels and the audience, activities and timing for each. We understand trends and we are innovative enough to get your social media accoutns the exposure you want

  • Socialist Media Management (TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, Facebook, Keek)
  • Promoted Tweets and Accounts: Promoted tweets are ordinary tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers and promoted tweets are clearly labeled as Promoted when an advertiser is paying for their placement on twitter. In every other respect, Promoted tweets act just like regualr tweets and can be re-tweeted, replied to favorite and more
  • Ads from our accounts on twitter and instagram
  • SEO (Search engine Optimization)
  • PPC (Pay per Click)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Shots
  • Data SMS
  • Ad Zone Messages
  • Instagram Sponsored Ads

Environmental Design

We are convinced that good design means increased value.This value is not only economic but also aesthetic, socialand environmental and it affects the surrounding built environment. This is why for every project we consider four important key points.

Sustainable design means first of all paying close attention to the building life cycle, its functioning and its environmental footprint. We are constantly seeking the highest reduction of energy consumption and the optimization of bio-climatic aspects (building external envelope, mass, insulation, sun shading, natural lighting and ventilation)
Efficiency, reliability, and quality are necessary elements for good architecture and contribute to the perfect control of the project’s design, construction and maintenance costs. Project control and management become the synthesis of the relationships among the various professionals involved.

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Located at the heart of Kuwait City, our team's physical address is shown on the map below. In case of any queries, you can reach us at any of the outlined numbers/addresses/tags. We look forward to hearing from you.


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